We Should Hang Out More with Detroit Swindle

We Should Hang Out More with Detroit Swindle

19th Oct 2018 11pm - 3am

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Summer may have pulled a ghosty on us but there's no planned drop in temperature for our next descent into the smokey depths beneath Jamaica St.

Its with a giddy excitement that we welcome an artistic duo with one of the broadest understandings of the finest dance music on the planet, evidenced through their superbly curated label Heist Recordings, their two phenomenal albums (including this years acclaimed 'High Life') and innumerable EPs, singles and remixs. Yep, Detroit Swindle are Hanging Out More in Sub Club. 

We'll be taking some time off the decks for this one with the guys playing ALL NIGHT LONG!

Two of the most prolific diggers and creators for four hours in one of the best basements on the planet. What more is there to say? 

Another phenomenal design by Jammy and Sho

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