We Should Hang Out More with Folamour & Dan Shake

We Should Hang Out More with Folamour & Dan Shake

18th Jan 2019 11pm - 3am

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2018 was a breathtaking year of We Should Hang Out More guests and we intend fully for 2019 to be exactly the same.

For our first B2B booking, we're combining the supreme talents of Folamour and Dan Shake in the magical melting-pot the Sub Club

Both have been setting dancefloors alight across Europe whilst knocking out some of the most celebrated tracks and mixes of recent years.

We're thrilled to be bringing Lyon-based, Folamour to Glasgow for his Scottish debut! The founder of FHUO records has been behind some of the biggest cuts of disco-house euphoria, including 'Devoted to U', 'Ya Just Need 2 Believe in Yaself' and 'The Power and The Blessing of Unity' as well as a sublime full lengther, 'Umami' in 2017. Releasing on labels such as Glitterbox, Church Records as well as his own labels moonrise hill material and FHUO, he's been taking dancefloors and festival stages by storm all over Europe, both in person and production. Sub Club beckons.

If there was anyone to match the hype of Folamour in the world of lofi, funk dripping, disco-house, its Dan Shake.

The Londoner had the distinct honour of dropping his debut record on Moodymann's, Mohogani Music. Since the release of '3am Jazz Club' he's been stepping up instant fire for his own label, 'Shake' as well as for Delusions of Grandeur and Lumberjacks in Hell. His Sugar Mountain Boiler Room set in Melbourne is an hour of pure bouncing joy and a fantastic way to get a a flavour for Dan Shake before his Sub Club debut.

WSHOM giving you reason to abandon pre-drinks early, warming up for this mighty B2B pairing.

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